Monday, August 15, 2016

2nd Letter - MTC (7/23/2016)

Hi Family!

 My first week and a half in the MTC has been nothing short of AMAZING!! I've made so many new friends and I have learned more about the church than I have in 19 years of my life lol it's so true when people say that the lifestyle here feels like you're in a different world!! I love being around so many people from all around the world with so many different stories who all put THEIR needs and wants aside to accomplish one common goal together. The spirit here is so strong...so strong that it makes teaching investigators fun! In fact, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with an AWESOME guy. His name is Elder Bednar...I'm sure you all know about him (with the exception of lauryn lol) and one thing he told me that my companion and I have really been trying to apply in our long days here, is to pray about "corner opportunities." When he told me that, I had no idea what he was talking about. I assumed that it was like an old person thing until one day, my companion and I were walking out of the MTC and ran into a lady on the corner. After talking to her for a bit and getting to know her, we soon found out that she wasn't a member but that every day she walks past the Provo Temple and imagines what the inside of the "White Building" looks like. We talked to her for a little bit but she was in a rush so unfortunately we weren't able to teach her. The next day, we went to the same corner and she was there again. Luckily for us, she wasn't in a rush and we had to opportunity to sit down and have lunch with her and talk to her a little bit about the church. She's so interested in this gospel and even accepted our invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Elder Ul'uave and I look forward to our second meeting with her tomorrow afternoon. That was definitely the highlight of my week and a half being here!! Constantly teaching investigators here, whether they're "role play" investigators or real investigators has taught me a lot and has made me so EXCITED to get out to PNG. I've fallen in love with all the investigators that i'm teaching and I just can't wait for the people of PNG to have the opportunity to be as happy as I am with this gospel. As for my talk, it went very well. I was still SUPER nervous, but it wasn't too bad. I still can't stand talking in front of people yet lol but i feel like i'm getting more comfortable the more I do it...also because I have no choice when the MTC president enjoys giving me so many opportunities to talk lol

Anyways, I miss you all. I'm so grateful for all the pictures and packages and letters that I get from EVERYONE!! Because of you guys, I've quickly earned the rep of THE MOST SPOILED MISSIONARY lol EVERYDAY I have something so people don't ever ask me "Did you get anything?" Instead they ask "What'd you get this time, Elder Pili?" lol My room has become the hangout spot because it has the most food!! So thank you for that. I'd love to see more pictures of everyone at home. Ou sent me a few and I have them above my bed. lol

I'd like to share my testimony that this church is the only true church on this earth. With great joy I can humbly testify that heavenly father loves us, knows our desires and has a plan for each and everyone of us. Heavenly father loves us so much that he sent his son down to go through the atonement for us ALONE, so that we didn't have to. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet called of god and that he did what he said he did and that he did see what he said he saw. I absolutely love the Book of Mormon and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it IS the MOST correct book and as we continue to read it and pray about it's truthfulness, we WILL be drawn closer to Heavenly father. I'm so grateful to have been blessed with the best family! 

I LOVE AND MISS EVERYONE! thank you for everything!!

Elder Pili 

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