Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day Two - First Letter

My second day here has been great. I've gotten so close to the 3 boys here that are going to PNG. My companion is Elder Ul'uave. It's been super busy here, but the atmosphere at the MTC is awesome! I haven't gotten any boxes yet but that's because I haven't checked my mail box lol I wasn't expecting anything this soon.

But as for the MTC, the MTC isn't too bad. The food makes my stomach hurt so I've been using the bathroom a ton lol I have been asked to speak in sacrament meeting this Sunday on obedience lol so I guess it's not too bad. In my residence, it's me, Elder Apelu, Elder Ul'uave, Elder Wilson (from our Purcell reunion), Elder Hirkley Latu and Elder Taulepapa. It's been a lot of fun getting to know so many new missionaries. My branch president actually pulled me aside and told me I need to be an example to the Polynesians. Also, they extended our time here...I'll be at the MTC for 3 weeks. I head out to PNG on August 1st and the first stop is in LA and from there we go to NZ. I love it here in the MTC but I want to head out already.

I'm excited to give the talk..I have to switch it up a little bit because it has to be from PMG but it shouldn't be too hard. I'm happy that you're fighting mom...you have a lot to fight for! You and the rest of our family have been in my 50 million prayers everyday lol and as well as the temple this morning. This session I did this morning wasn't as weird...so that was good. But yes it will be a long road but just remember to depend on Heavenly Father in everything that you do and pray often. I KNEW you could do it! Ou sent me pics of everyone and it made me happy to see that everyone is still uglier than me. lol How's dad doing tho? And how's :auryn?

I love and miss you mom! Congrats again. You're in my prayers as well as everyone else.  Love and miss everyone.  Elder Pili

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